FAQ English

Where are we going to sleep? And what about bathrooms?

There’s a campsite in the Festival area – it cost 10zł per tent. Of course there are toiletes and outdoor showers with water heated by the sun or cold, for your circulation to get better :) This year the lodges are not available, as they have been booked for the artists, volounteers and guests from all over the country.

Can I drive into the Festival’s area? Are there any parking spaces available?

Well, it depends :)

We encourage you to leave your car at home, especially if you are from Bydgoszcz, because we cannot guarantee parking spaces for everyone.

You enter the area with your car on Thursday (5.07)and Friday(6.07) till 8 p.m. and then leave on Sunday (8.07) from 2 p.m. For those who plan to leave earlier: please park your car alongside the road, next to the summer gardens area in front of the forest, in an designated area. Owners of cars parked in the festival area will have to pay a 100zl fee if leaving before Sunday.

Why is it so?

These requirements are necessary due to safety and the enviroment protection. This beautiful forest  is way more pleasant without cars driving around it!

Can I get to the festival using public transport?

No, but we offer you something even better! The BOSKI BUS will be giving our guests a lift from The Central Train Station and Plac Koscieleckich straight to the Festival area.

Can I leave my belongings in a safety deposit box ?

Sure you can! You can leave all the small but valuable things(cameras, laptops etc.) in our Festival shop next to the entrance. The payment for every single item is 5zł.

Can I pay by card? Will there be any special Festival currency?

On Boski we do not move with the times and so you cannot pay with your card here! Neither at the bar, nor for the food. We recommend taking some cash with you as the nearest cash machine is 25 minutes walk from the Festival. We will exchange the money for buttons, which will be an official currency during 4 days of Boski Fest on the Boski Bar and Boski grill.

1 button = 2,50zł

Why will I have to pay for my cup this year?

For we are concious of the enviroment protection issues, we want to give up on using plastic cups. And so we ordered 1000 cups for repeated use! You will rent one for 5 zł and give it back after the Festival (or keep it as a souvenir!).

What can I eat and drink?

Like always we will prepare a bar for you! In the offer you will find some booze (beer) and juices, soft drinks and yerba. Good value for money, of course! We also invite you to come and try some veggie and non-veggie meals in three spots serving food. Oh, and there will be a barbecue as well!

Will there be a shop at the Festival?

There’s a fantastic little shop selling all kinds of breakfast products( whole-wheat bread (also gluten free!)vegetables, fruits, veggie and non-veggie pâtes), delicious ice-cream and hygienic products.

Can I take my kids with me?

Children are more than welcome and they enter for free if they’re 10 or younger! One thing you have to remember is that it can get very loud during the party, so please protect your little ones in an adequate way. All underage visitiors must be taken care of by their guardians.

Can I make a bonfire?

The one and only bonfire will be there for you on its specially prepared spot by the river.

Can I go kayaking?

This year we make everybody’s dream come true and YES, that will be possible! You can rent a double kayak for 20zł per hour. The use of life-jackets while having fun is mandatory, and also please keep an eye on the equipment. Lost life jacket would cost you 100zł, lost paddle 120zł and if you loose the kayak… well ok, that’s not possible! But then our friend Kuba looses his phone every year, so who knows?

Can I take my pet with me?

Yes, but it has be kept on the lead and pet owners have to clean after their precious.

Is there an internet access on the Festival?

Well, you better talk to each other during the Festival! The WiFi doesn’t work very well here, but you can try to catch the signal next to the big stone :)

Are there going to be pictures taken and movies recorded during the party?

 Yes, we do take pictures and record during the Festival. The moment you enter the area you agree to be a part of it and for your image to be used to promote the party.