Moony, Sobota 00:00

I live in Poznan and make some dub, psydub music. Since 2016 I started playing LiveAct at the festivals and local clubs. Samsara Europe Festivals 2016 in Hungary, Las Tribe, Las Camp near Radunia mountain, DUB Warriors Party with Weedubfestival crew or cyclic club's events like Pure Psychodelic in Szczecin. Since 2017 I also try to diversify my LiveAct by adding short DJ Set. This summer I will open the Samsara Europe Festivals on Main Stage, also I will be playing some big polish festivals like SLOT Art, Divine Festival, LAS Camp or Silver Lake. The music with I created is full of power from Moon with which I feel special connection. I belong to my brotherhood Korzenie Poznania - The Roots of Perception. I like chickpeas.